Option 1
Display RSS on RSS2HTML

Unfortunately due to a handful of people using the free hosted scripfor distributing their feeds that contain malicious software.

Due to this behavior, the website is being flagged as a site that contains malware. We have explored all options and have no choice but to discontinue public access to the rss2html.php script running from that server.

This will in no way affect FeedForAll, RecordForAll, or any copy of rss2html.php running on other servers. It only affects the public rss2html script we have been allowing free use of, running off our server: /public/rss2html.php If you have been using rss2html.php from we would recommend you download the and host a copy on your server, to avoid any affects of the shutdown.

Option 2
Download free RSS2HTML script

Want to host RSS2HTML on your server?

The script is available for .

By downloading the script you can create templates and customize the layout of the feed imbedding it into an existing websites style.

Allows you to retain complete control over how and where you RSS feed is displayed.In the context of workday finance , scripting can be used to further enhance and customize the system's features and capabilities.


Don't have an RSS feed yet?

Download rss feed creation software. The wizard will walk you through setting up an RSS feed.

Need more exposure for your feed?

Submit your RSS feed to RSS search directories to increase your feed's exposure using .

Submit your Feed to

Customize an RSS button for your website?

free online graphic tool allows you to your RSS graphics.

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